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At Charge Fitness, we're committed to your fitness journey, providing personalized and holistic small group fitness tailored to your needs & lifestyle. Our experienced trainers meet you where you are & guide you towards your fitness goals. Our small group training sessions offer a supportive, dynamic environment where you'll receive individualized attention from a personal trainer while benefiting from the energy of a group setting. Additionally, our supplemental programs provide comprehensive support to keep you on track between sessions.

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Personal training is unparalled when it comes to results. But the high cost makes it challenging to maintain long-term.

Group exercise offer a fun, exciting, high-energy atmosphere. But getting lost in a sea of faces is intimidating & demotivating when the goal packing classes, not real results & relationships.

At Charge Fitness, Small Group Sessions maxed at 12 people mean the BEST of both worlds- with no downside!

Small Group Training means affordability while getting personalized training, and a motivational group atmosphere without compromising results & true community.



Our fitness programs are based in science & designed to be progressive in order to deliver results. We have a variety of formats with full-body workouts that work well together or on their own, which means they're effective & well-rounded whether you train with us twice a week or every day. Plus, we provide all the resources & support you need between workouts so your progress never stops. Become the best version of yourself with us at Charge Fitness!


At Charge Fitness, we redefine the gym-going experience. More than just a place to work out, we're a tight-knit family—a community built on inclusivity & support. From our dedicated owners & trainers to every member on our squad, we foster a safe environment where everyone thrives. Together, we tackle challenges head-on, lend a hand through the tough times, & celebrate each other's victories. Join Charge Fitness & experience firsthand the strength in unity.


We're here to empower your fitness journey, starting with options to join. Whether you prefer the spontaneity of pay-per-session, or are a committed enthusiast seeking monthly or yearly access, we've got you. Need flexibility? Our month-to-month memberships are made for you. Ready to commit? Contracts mean monthly savings. Want to invest upfront for the best value? Our prepaid plans offer the deepest discounts. Find your perfect membership fit.



I had an incredible experience at this gym! The coaches are genuinely nice and helpful. The positive atmosphere and supportive community make every workout enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a place that inspires and uplifts you throughout your fitness journey!

Karina M -

Personalized instruction for all levels of fitness. Coaches genuinely care for the members and the atmosphere is filled with energy, support, and positivity and has many opportunities for additional recovery in their ReCharge Lounge. Overall if you are wanting to join a supportive community of diverse individuals whose goal is to inspire each other day and day to improve both mentally and physically then you have found your place. The hardest part for me was getting the courage to come to my first class. I’ve been hooked ever since and I’m excited to see progress I will continue to make. There is no finish line at Charge. Everyone is working towards continuous self improvement. Come join our team. Several classes to choose from to fit around your schedule. Don’t wait I wish I joined years ago.

Becky B -

I could go on and on about how amazing Charge Fitness is and how it has changed my entire life, I literally rave about this place daily! I’ll keep it short; movement is the medicine for a better life mentally & physically + community is the medicine for joy. You find it all here at Charge Fitness. This place is my second home, the coaches and members are family. I’ve learned so much about myself by having a group of people support you through the learning process of fitness and encouraging you to push pass your limits. They’ve helped me discover new levels I never thought I could reach before. Show up and you won’t look back, you won’t regret it. Best decision I’ve ever made was to sign up, stay consistent and disciplined to the journey. Do it because you can.

Citlaly R -

I've been a part of Charge Fitness since May 2022, and it's an awesome place to be. The owners care about their members, the coaches take the time to learn about any injuries so they can better assist, they push in a great environment to help reach goals. They continue to keep improving the facility, they have cool members, and amazing coaches.

Raul H -

Joining Charge Fitness is one of the best decisions I made this year. The facility is nice and has everything necessary to make a better me. The Coaches are great! They motivate and encourage during the group workout sessions, and are always available to work with anyone who has questions about the proper form and technique on the exercises and lifts. The workouts are elite and I respect anyone who can do them. The cool thing is that anyone with the determination to improve can do them. It's nice to achieve fitness goals and to see and feel the results. It's also nice to see the improvements of the other members. And I could not ask for a better group of people to workout with. People at all different levels of fitness, from some pretty elite athletes all the way to people just trying to live a healthy lifestyle, the Charge Fitness family has it all. If you want to be around people who make you better, Charge Fitness is the place! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the Charge Fitness family.

Jeff M -

I’ve been at Charge for a year and a half now and I absolutely love it. The coaches, the community, the team training the support, it’s so amazing to be part of this gym. Come get strong and healthy at Charge.

Angela C -

This gym is warm and welcoming to all newcomers from all levels. The gym staff is extremely helpful. The gym members are also very friendly, we are so happy to have found and be a part of this gym.

Luis F -

It’s always been hard for me to stay motivated going to the gym, but I genuinely love going here. The workouts are different every day, the coaches are all super helpful explaining the movements (which makes me more confident in what I’m doing) and the other members are all friendly and easy to fit right in with. If you’re looking for a gym with a really great group of people, I highly recommend Charge Fitness!

Abby R -

I just moved to the DFW area. I joined two different gyms and realized that it's just not for me. Even with the classes they offered, it wasn't enough for me to keep going. Then I discovered Charge Fitness and it's changed my life. I look forward to the kickboxing classes with Marina, she is an awesome instructor! I've felt a difference with my body, I feel like I have more energy than ever before. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs accountability to stay motivated to workout (like myself).

Ruby H -

Amazing community with staff that truly cares about their members progress.

Tyra G -


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