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Strength & Conditioning

Charge through obstacles and demolish your fitness goals with our expert programming of high intensity, calorie-burning workouts with personal guidance from fitness professionals. 

Never worry about planning your workout, the equipment needed, hitting plateaus or getting bored of your training. Just show up ready to SWEAT & we take care of the rest! Because guide you every step of your training, you can be a fitness beginner or a gym rat and still get results!

Get full-body weightlifting & conditioning every training session to build strength, stamina and endurance. Charge up your fitness routine & reach levels you didn't even know were possible!

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Fight for your fitness! Get your blood pumping, heart rate elevated & feel the burn as you throw punches, kicks, knees & elbow strikes on heavy bags. 

This isn't your average dance-y cardio class. Under the Casias Boxing Fitness program, developed by former pro-boxer & trainer to MMA pros Rafael Casias, you learn real technique to reduce risk of injury and create real power! When your strikes pack power, you get effective, full-body resistance training from your workouts. 

It's a fun, addicting way to get your cardio in & practice functional resistance training that doubles as self-defense! The best part is, no experience is needed to get a great workout & maximum results!

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Cold Plunge & Infrared Sauna

Contrast Therapy is the Ultimate Recovery! When you train as hard as we do at Charge Fitness, recovery is just as important as your workouts! In addition to reducing soreness & recovering faster for your next session, Hot/Cold Contrast Therapy has many other fitness performance, overall health, and mental health benefits. 
Our Cryotherapy or Cold Immersion Therapy consists of a chill dip in our Cold Plunge for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Reset & discipine your mind while improving blood flow, boosting your immune system, mood, energy and performance in the gym! 
Our Sunlighten Infrared Sauna provides near and far infrared rays that warm & heal you from the inside out, plus chromotherapy & audiotherapy for an immersive, relaxing experience. Great for weightloss, detox, reducing pain and inflammation and the perfect pair to the Cold Plunge!

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 2125 W Pioneer Pkwy, Unit B1
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