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Our diverse formats ensure optimal progress without risking overtraining if you're a gym rat... and without missing key components if a busy schedule means missing a day at the gym! Our goal is to empower you to crush your fitness goals on your terms.

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This fusion of strength and endurance building takes you through combination movements at high-intensity for a comprehensive full-body workout.

Busy schedule? With this two-for-one programming, you don’t have to live in the gym in order to get the results you want! These sessions are made to build your functional strength & stamina through a progressive program. Due to its effectiveness, the Strength & Conditioning format is highly sought after! If you’re new, don’t be intimidated, a trainer leads every session and ensures you are safe, adequately challenged, and working out efficiently & effectively.

Be the strongest you’ve ever been, all while still getting your heart-pumping with Strength & Conditioning!

FItness kickboxing

Release stress while sculpting your body in our exhilarating Fitness Kickboxing sessions!

Developed under the Casias Boxing program by Rafael Casias, trainer to pro fighters, our program blends true technique, high-energy cardio, & resistance training through power strikes & drills. Punch, kick, & sweat your way to a leaner, more toned physique while improving agility, balance, coordination & cardiovascular endurance. Every session ends with a killer ab burnout to round out a total-body workout. An ultimate fusion of fitness, fun & self-defense, we cater to all levels, including day one beginners. Burn hundreds of calories in a workout unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Fight for your fitness with Fitness Kickboxing!


No, we’re not talking about breakfast or brunch! This member favorite is short for Basic Conditioning.

BaCon doesn’t require any weightlifting experience or even skill to get the most out of it; just come ready to put in work! This foundational full-body format features conditioning exercises with bodyweight or light weights for overall health & fitness. Every session is different, most often timed, sometimes in partners, but always a lotta fun! Our trainers lead you through a dynamic combination of exercises beneficial for beginners & seasoned gym-goers alike.

Get in shape with our signature BaCon training!


Get ready to SWEAT in this high-octane cardio & conditioning format where the weights may not be heavy, but the workload definitely is!

Our members like to call it Extra Crispy BaCon, because it’s BaCon hyper-intensified! But just as with our other formats, this is a full-body, self-powered workout, with trainer guidance provided, that can be adapted to individual needs, goals, restrictions, injuries, or limitations as needed. So, while it’s definitely not easy, anyone can do this format, whether it’s your first day, or you’re an established gym rat. You may develop a complicated love/hate relationship with SWEAT, but it will keep you coming back!

Come SWEAT it out with our squad!


Aesthetics is targeted weightlifting designed to sculpt & define your physique so you look great & feel even better!

In these full-body training sessions, you’ll learn proper lifting technique, isolate muscles, and correct muscle imbalances, so it’s great for all fitness levels, abilities and goals. This program is centered around a progressive overload to help you craft your dream body! The expert program design & professional guidance provided throughout every session means this format adapts easily to those lifting for bodybuilding & hypertrophy, general toning, or for a metabolic boost that helps target & burn off fat!

Get fit & turn heads with Aesthetics!


Added by popular demand, ASSthetics is our Build-A-Booty masterclass!

Similar to Aesthetics, this is a full body weightlifting program that focuses on isolating & sculpting muscles, but with one big difference- an emphasis on the butt. The progressive overload portion of this program is specifically designed to enhance glute growth & development so you can get the perfect peach! If you’re not necessarily looking to grow the glutes, that’s fine, too! Every session is led by a certified trainer who can maximize results, keep you motivated & challenged, ensure safe lifting techniques, and can adapt or modify for individuals as needed. This means all fitness & experience levels can thrive & achieve their goals with this format.

Get your Booty Gains in ASSthetics!


Combine the power of mindfulness with strength-building moves, dynamic flow, and deep stretching to achieve newfound flexibility, mobility, & resilience!

In this fitness-based yoga flow, breath is linked with movement & sequences are more fast-paced than other yoga styles. It’s an invigorating combination of intense fitness and the fluid grace of yoga for a workout that engages the entire body & mind. With professional programming & guidance every session, anyone can get a great workout (& challenge!) regardless of fitness or experience level. This format will cultivate a stronger mind-body connection to elevate your fitness journey.

Move toward your fitness goals & find your center with Vinyasa Yoga!



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