Hey, I'm CO-Owner, Founder & Head Trainer, Will Wright

I train BaCon, Strength & Conditioning, SWEAT, & Aesthetics. I've been a trainer for 10+ years & love having the a front row seat when you prioritize yourself. I'm all about witnessing & training you through your internal battle and victory against weakness! I started my fitness journey with the goal of getting HUGE, then realized kinda huge was the sweet spot, but I gained so much more than that! Energy. Resilience. Confidence. Humility. I continue to gain these daily and I want to share these with you! Our members are super tight and the Fire & Ice Therapy in our Cold Plunge & Infrared Sauna are epic, so you need to be here.

Hey, I'm Co-Owner & General Manager, marina martinez

I train Fitness Kickboxing, Aesthetics/ASSthetics, & BaCon. I’m also a Marine Corps vet. I've been in the fitness industry for 14 yrs in all aspects of the business. My fitness journey over the years has been focused on sports or lifting for everything from physique, rehab, stress management, and at the forefront has always been mental health. (I’m a huge advocate of fitness & nutrition for mental health!) I love developing people, so witnessing get results, get wins, and watching your confidence grow as you learn & improve... I'm here for it!! If you have yet to start... DECIDE & MOVE. Come throw hands & lift weights with me!


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