Elevate Your 21-Day Summer Shred Kickstart Experience with the VIP Upgrade!

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Are you ready to supercharge your Summer Shred Kickstart and achieve unparalleled results? Upgrade to our VIP package for exclusive benefits that will elevate your fitness and wellness to the next level!

What’s Included in the VIP Upgrade?

🔥 Comprehensive Gym Training:

  • 15 Total Training Sessions: Includes 3 weekly strength training & 2 weekly conditioning sessions.
  • Small Group Setting: Enjoy personalized attention with expert guidance from certified trainers.
  • Guaranteed Reservations: Secure your spot in your recommended formats.

🍽️ Customized Meal Planning:

  • Restore Wellness Tool: Access to a meal-planning tool featuring tasty, nutritious recipes.
  • Tailored Nutrition: Fuel your transformation with meals designed for optimal results.

❄️🔥 Ultimate Recovery Resources:

  • 3 Fire & Ice Recovery Sessions: Experience the benefits of alternating sauna and cold plunge therapy.
  • 3 Vinyasa Yoga Sessions: Enhance flexibility and relaxation with guided yoga.
  • Daily Mobility Routines: Integrate mobility to reduce injury risk & improve flexiblity and even sleep.
  • Therabody Recovery Tools: Utilize advanced recovery tools before or after any training session.

Achieve better results with tailored support & premium recovery—

for only $99, a limited time offer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What if I’m already a member?
A: You will only pay a prorated amount for benefits not included in your membership. Text 214.235.0701 for your reduced rate and additional info.

Q: What is my first step once I’ve upgraded?
A: Start with an in-person or virtual consultation to customize your plan. Text 214.235.0701 to schedule.

Q: When does my VIP upgrade access start/end? What if I can't start immediately?
A: You access starts after your consultation or within 7 days. If you need a different start date, let us know during your consultation or by texting 214.235.0701


Q: What if I’m new to gym workouts?
A: No worries! Our trainers will guide you every step of the way, ensuring workouts are tailored to your fitness level.

Q: When will my sessions take place?
A: We’ll work with you to determine the best times & formats for your personalized schedule.

Q: What if I’d like to become a member?
A: Text 214.235.0701 to schedule your consultation & discuss membership options. Your VIP upgrade is FREE with a new membership.

Join the VIPs & Transform Your Summer Shred Experience!

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