Tracey Walker

Charge Fitness & Performance Instructor

Specialties: Strength & Conditioning

Coach Tracey Walker is a professional bodybuilder, pro wrestler and PE teacher. He coaches Strength & Conditioning classes at Charge Fitness.

For him, the journey started when lifting for football and powerlifting. Now, he's been going strong for 14 years with his own training and has been training others for 7 years. Because of fitness, he has gained a disciplined mindset that keeps him on track not just for his workouts, but his diet and other aspects of his life as well. With being a trainer, professional bodybuilder and pro wrestler, fitness is a huge part of his life and through coaching he gets to share that with others. 

For Coach Tracey, the best part about coaching others being able to help people reach their goals and gain new confidence throughout their journey. He develops great relationships with Charge Fitness members and loves seeing their progress and watching them accomplish their goals. As you start your journey, Coach Tracey's advice is simple: Set goals, focus on you and not what others are doing, and be patient! 

Outside of the gym, being a professional wrestler takes up a lot of his time! Join him for 6am classes every weekday morning!