Abi Kellison

Charge Fitness & Performance Instructor

Specialties: Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting

Coach Abi Kellison her CF-L1 trainer certificate, competed in Olympic Weightlifting, Hyrox, and has run several races. She currently coaches Strength & Conditioning at Charge Fitness. 

The start of Coach Abi's fitness journey was 3 years ago, 4 years after having her son. It began as a weight loss journey, but after a hip & quad injury, she refocused towards longevity and building strength through CrossFit by training movement patterns that transfer to real-life situations. She's since trained in various styles such as bootcamp, HIIT, running, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and most recently endurance-based training for Hyrox. Her fitness goals now are most aligned with overall long-term health & fitness to being able to run around with future grandchildren and continue to live a full, active life- even later in life. In the short-term, fitness continues to open doors for Coach Abi. It's positively impacted her mental health by providing an outlet during high-stress times and has led to building many great friendships. 

In fact, what she loves most about Charge Fitness and coaching is just that- the great relationships! As a member, Coach Abi felt welcomed and accommodated by Owners Will & Marina, and she loved in the positive, family environment at Charge Fitness. Now as a coach, building those relationships with members, being part of their fitness growth, and experiencing that moment when it clicks for a member & they take off is what means most to Coach Abi! For those starting out, Coach Abi encourages you to be patient. Focusing on your own growth, take baby steps, celebrate even small victories, and find your tribe (support system)! 

When not training or coaching, Coach Abi enjoys spending time with her family, running around with her munchkin, writing poetry, crafting, and listening to music.