Carl Thompson

Charge Fitness & Performance Instructor

Specialties: Strength & Conditioning

Coach Carl Thompson trains some of the Strength & Conditioning classes at Charge Fitness. He is known to push you and bring out the very best in you!

His grandchildren were the main motivation for Coach Carl to start his fitness journey. He has been training for 2 years and not only has he gotten off of high blood pressure medications, but he's competed in Hyrox, and is now sharing his love for and knowledge of fitness through training. A big take away he's had since focusing on fitness is that your nutrition and fitness truly go hand-in hand. It's all about a well-rounded program!

Coach Carl loves Charge Fitness because of the tight-knit, fun, hard-charging community. Training our members and watching that moment it clicks for them, and furthermore, when they start seeing real results, is what Carl loves most about being a Coach. The hardest part is showing up, but he enourages you to show up and once you're in, just take it one day at a time. Never compare your journey to someone else, as everyone's path, as your journey is all about you: your goals, your body, your progress! 

When he isn't coaching or working out, Coach Carl likes to spend time with his little motivators- his grandbabies! He is also heavy into DIY projects. He's the type to go on vacation and build a house.