Will Wright

Charge Fitness & Performance Instructor

Specialties: Strength & Conditioning

Owner, Founder & Head Trainer Will Wright trains BaCon (Basic Conditioning) and Strength & Conditioning sessions. He has been a fitness trainer for 10 years and loves having the opportunity to be in the front row when people prioritize themselves and their health to become the best possible version of themselves. Training people through and witnessing them win their daily internal battle against weakness is what drives him as a fitness trainer.

When he started focusing on his own fitness, the goal was simple: get HUGE, but then he found the sweet spot was more like "kinda huge." More than just size, Coach Will's gained confidence, humility, energy and resilience throughout his fitness journey and continues to earn these daily from his morning workouts. Will has competed in the Ronnie Coleman Classic 2014, Field Day 1999 Runner-Up, a few 5ks, and a couple Mud Runs.

When it comes to Charge Fitness, the absolute best part for Coach Will is that the members are "super tight." They're all people he enjoys hanging out with even outside of a workout at the gym. After the member community, his favorite thing about Charge Fitness would definitely the Fire & Ice Therapy- it's EPIC! He highly recommends incorporating Cold Plunge & Infrared Sauna to your normal workout routine to encourage your body's recovery, improve athletic performance, & achieve mental fortitude. If you're still sitting at home looking for the motivation to start your fitness journey or waiting for the "perfect time" to start, Coach Will has this to say to you: Do it. You can improve/correct/adjust later. JUST GO.

Coach Will regularly enjoys staying active through pickleball, golf, lacrosse, and hiking in addition to his fitness routine. Aside from Charge Fitness, he also owns a real estate brokerage. (Here's the plug; hit him up for all your real estate needs: Dwell Inc) There, he gets to do a completely different type of coaching, but just as at the gym, he is surrounded by people that want to grow, and that's what energizes him. When he's not working, Coach Will is all about his beautiful family! He loves spending time with his amazing wife, Nicole (who also BEASTS in the gym btw), & their two little cuties!