Why is it so d@mn hard to start working out?

Jul 22, 2022

 by Marina Martinez

Breaking a sweat can help you fit into your favorite jeans, chase after the kids, prevent health problems, improve your mood, help you look & feel great and reduce stress. The thing is- you already know this. Despite so many proven benefits, why do so many people find it so hard to get active or get to the gym?

You might tell yourself you’re too busy, too tired, too whatever. But here’s the thing. Not many people just “have time” to workout or extra funds sitting around, or extra energy at the end of the day. Commit. Make it important. Make it a PRIORITY. Make it happen.

Next time you start to say, “I want to work out but I just don’t have time,” change it to: “I want to work out but I just don't make it a priority.” At least then, you’re honest with yourself. Sometimes, that’s the first step. 

But don’t let the honesty with yourself stop there.

Where is your energy, time and maybe even money going that isn’t helping you reach your life, health and fitness goals? Where are your priorities misaligned with what you truly desire and NEED in order to be the best version of yourself? What are the REAL reasons that you don’t make it a priority to go to the gym?


Are you so exhausted by the end of the day you don’t know where you’ll get the energy to make it through a workout?

5am 6am classes

It seems counterintuitive, but exercise can give you MORE energy, so starting your day with a workout can help you get through your day a little easier, even having added that hour of training! At Charge Fitness, we offer 5am & 6am sessions to help you get your day started right. It might take some adjustments at first- the extra effort to go to bed a bit earlier, preparing your workout gear and work clothes the day before, multiple alarms to force yourself to roll out of bed in the morning. But we promise IT WILL BE WORTH IT. This is for your own benefit. Remember, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. We're all busy, tired and just want to catch up on our Netflix. Do this for yourself instead. Netflix will still be there. If you truly are still lacking in energy, check out our partner, Body Legacy, for preworkout & everything you need to supplement your nutrition and perform at your best! 



Are you unsure what your workout should look like or worried to waste your time working out and not getting results?

Coaching. Fitness professional. Will.

We provide a professional program design and guide you through it, so all you have to do is show up and SWEAT. There’s no need to come up with a plan before you head to the gym, no thinking about what exercises to do, worrying about equipment being available, what muscles to workout or how to adapt your program as you see results. Our programs are fun, effective and progressive, so you’re constantly improving and getting closer to your goals. Hit a new personal record, gain muscle, lose weight, reduce body fat, improve athletic ability, learn a new sport & self-defense, all under one roof with our Strength & Conditioning and Fitness Boxing & Kickboxing programs. Many also call them addictive! Come experience our training & decide for yourself! 



Are you lacking in motivation to fight for your fitness goals & improve yourself?

fitness family. members, coaches staff. fitness family.

Who you surround yourself with reflects who you are and who you become. Our crew- Coaches AND members, are the type of people that make health & fitness priority, are constantly working to improve themselves, and are each other’s hype crew! Not only is the support invaluable, but the mindset is contagious! Come surround yourself with hard-chargers that value a tough mindset, focus on success and are a tight-knit fitness community. There are times our members get together for fun activities outside of just training, or even to take part in races and events as a team, so the relationships built here transcend the workouts. We have a private Facebook group where we also welcome all kinds of conversation, celebrate each other, and throw out discounts, tips and Charge Fitness updates. We also encourage you to tell your existing fitness friends & have them come experience Charge Fitness with you! We’re always looking to grow our fitness crew!


Are you worried about what others will think, what you look like, your fitness level, your skill level or just simply anxious about the whole experience?

Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Progress happens when you challenge yourself. Charge group boxing picture

Our members come from all walks of life, facing their own personal struggles. Everyone performs at different fitness & skill levels, and our members come in all shapes & sizes… & we promise you: we are all too busy feeling the burn to judge anyone else! We all started somewhere and we’re all on our personal journey with individual goals, whether it’s feeling great, looking great, relieving stress, being their best for their loved ones or anything else! There is never really a point of completion; we’re always bettering ourselves. Knowing this, we don’t accept negativity of any kind toward any of our members. We are here to support, encourage, empower and take care of each other. There is nothing wrong with being a beginner. So make the decision to step out of your comfort zone. It can be scary; but you won't regret it.  


Are you intimidated by the high intensity workouts you see us doing on Instagram? A little scared of being sore the next day?


recovery. therabody. therguns. leg compression. infrared sauna. cold plunge. contrast therapy. iv therapy. vitamin iv


One thing to remember is that our workouts are self-powered and our goal isn’t to break you. We’ll always motivate you to push your own limits, but never past a safe level. We encourage you to trust your body. You put forth the effort, you set your pace, your weight… and we help you progressively increase it. Secondly, we understand how incredibly important recovery is to your workouts. We offer FREE use of our Therabody Recovery area stocked with Theraguns & Compression Boots. The ultimate recovery package (included in some memberships or available as an add-on) includes unlimited Cold Plunges and weekly Infrared Sauna sessions. They’ll make you feel like a new person, even if you just completed a tough sweat session. Nutrition & supplementation is important to being able to keep up and recover efficiently. We are partnered with Body Legacy to offer you discounts on all the recovery supplements you need to maximize your results. Every month, we have an RN from Vitality Quick Drip at our facility (or available to come to your home!) for discounted IV therapy drips for hydration, recovery, vitamin support and athletic performance boosts! (We also run giveaways for these!) So come train hard & recover easy at Charge!


Are you concerned with time, cost or adaptability to your needs?

Marina membership consultation. Call Text Email Support.

Call, text, or email today! We're here to help and have so many options! We offer early morning, late morning, evening and weekend classes to fit your schedule. Have a crazy day when you can't make it in? Grab the workout of the day & get it done at home or during an Open Gym slot! There is a membership option for everyone, whether you want something flexible with no contract, prefer a discount for committing to a contract, or want to save the most possible with a prepaid membership. If you’re ready for unlimited sessions per month for max results, we can do that! If you need to start with a couple times per week, want only supplemental sessions to add to your current routine or periodic drop-in packages, we have those, too! Are you current or former Military, a First Responder, Teacher, a family or group of 8 or more? We have specialized discounts for you! We're here at any time to talk through your concerns & figure out the easiest way for you to start your transformation! It’s time! 


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