How much should you be eating?

Feb 21, 2024

 by Tyra Garcia

Regularly I get asked by clients "how much should I be eating" and my response is "you want to eat until you feel full".

Now there is some nuance to that answer... if you are eating ultra-processed foods (even the "healthier" ones) you are going to overeat. These foods are designed to be highly palatable and easy to over consume, making it difficult to control portion sizes and regulate appetite.

As I mentioned, even the "healthier" packaged foods like Siete chips or Birch Blenders Paleo Waffles, although they are a healthier alternative to traditional packaged foods that are made with inflammatory ingredients, they are still highly process and missing some of the nutrients that your whole minimally processed foods include.

Let me give you an example, if you were to snack on some Oreos or even a gluten free almond flour cookie made by Simple Mills, chances are you could and would eat several in one sitting and still be hungry 30 minutes later. Compared to if you had a big ol' salad with some grilled skirt steak, tons of veggies, dressed in some olive oil and lemon juice, chances are you will be nice and satiated for hours until your next meal. You ask yourself why is that?

Well first of all protein and fat are significantly more satiating than carbohydrates, and when you eat whole food carbs ie fruit and vegetables, they are minimally processed and retain their natural fiber content, which helps us feel full and satisfied with smaller portions. This makes it inherently more challenging to overeat whole foods.

So what I'm saying is, not to never eat processed carbs. What I am saying is to prioritize eating more whole foods and cut back on the processed stuff.

A good habit you can implement is when you sit down to eat, start with your meat and veggies first and then your processed carbs or starchy vegetables last. That way, you ensure your body is getting the important nutrient dense food first and you will start to fill you up so that by the time you make it to the starch, you won't overeat which then will support your overall health and wellness goals of weight management, reduce inflammation, and so much more.

Try it out this week and let me know how it goes... seriously I want to hear from you! You can email me or tag me on Instagram showing me how you are prioritizing #RealFood

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