Holiday Survival Guide

Dec 1, 2022

 by Marina Martinez


1) Remember your WHY
WHY POWER is stronger than WILLPOWER. Revisit your goals & priorities. Write them down and keep them where you see them often. Ensure that your actions & decisions are in line with your WHY.

2) Create Your Naughty List
If you are allowing yourself treats or junk food, create a list of 2-3 treats that you absolutely love and can’t go the holiday season without. Consume these in moderation, but skip additional treats and junk food. 

3) Drink Your Water, Eat Your Veggies- FIRST
To avoid overeating, especially of sweets, junk food, treats, etc, drink water throughout the day, including a glass before meals and fill up on veggies, healthy proteins, snacks, meals and sides before you dig into the other stuff! It will help with moderation. 

4) Wait It Out
Another tip to help with moderation- before you go in for seconds, wait 20 minutes. It can take about that long to register the feeling of fullness, and you may realize you don’t need that second plate. 

5) Don’t Skip Workouts
It’s easy to think you’ll just skip a workout (or a few )& get right back on it, especially while having time off work, family & friends visiting from out of town, or going on vacation. The problem is good habits are hard to build but easy to break. Don’t allow it. Don’t let excuses take hold. One hour out of your day isn’t going to ruin your holiday break. 

6) Love Yourself
Take care of yourself and make eating, health & fitness decisions because you love your body, not because you hate it. Don’t shame yourself if you slip up, just readjust & make a better next decision. Take time for self-care to de-stress, whether that’s reading, writing, meditating, time in nature, or anything else that helps you unwind and get grounded. 

Use this list to plan ahead to succeed! Reserve your training sessions, meal prep/plan, and grab yourself an accountability buddy!



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